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I was scarlettjohanssns for a while, but now I'm back to tomlis! With the url I will also be switching back to a mostly 1d blog.


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Zoe; We're all in the same boat, staying afloat for the moment. You just get used to living in fear, or give up when you can't even picture your future.


are you ever just like so upset by one thing you end up shaky and nauseous and like ??? excuse me situation but you are upsetting my chill and uncaring aesthetic 


angry and quite offended that you don’t have a crush on me


do you ever want to just yell in someones face to date you

women: can u not touch our butts without knowing if we're okay with it? kthx.
men: modern feminism has gone TOO FAR. we already gave you THE VOTE and JOBS and now you're OPPRESSING US by assuming we're all RAPISTS. PATRIARCHY IS NOT REAL B/C NOT ALL MEN.
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